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News Release


The Sun Life Centre

A Green Building with High Performance Advantages

Upon completion in 2011, the 14-storey Sun Life Centre in Bonifacio Global City will be the leading edge office building in the Philippines for utilizing sustainable “green” building practices and initiatives. It is the first building in the country to be topped off with a pre-certification from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Core and Shell Developments (LEED-CS), an internationally recognized green-building certification system.

According to Armand Apuya, director of administrative services of Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), the pre-certification is evidence of Sun Life’s commitment to sustainability in design, construction and operational practices.  This sustainability philosophy will be beneficial to the over-all health and well-being of the occupants of the building, and consequently lead to better performance on the job.  The building will allow its corporate tenants and individuals to contribute to the reduction of their carbon footprint and its harmful effects on the environment. 

More than just bragging rights, the sustainability performance of an office building is becoming an important issue especially among multinational tenants, according to Lindsay Orr, chief operating officer of Jones Lang LaSalle Leechiu. Jones Lang LaSalle is a global services firm focused on real estate and operating in more than 60 countries. In the Philippines, it operates as Jones Lang LaSalle Leechiu (JLLL). JLLL serves as sole leasing agent and marketing consultant of the Sun Life Centre.

He observes: “High energy costs, tenant demand for sustainability as well as emerging legislation in a number of countries are driving the high demand for sustainable spaces among corporate occupiers. They want spaces like the proposed Sun Life Centre that offer energy and water efficiency, a low carbon footprint and improved indoor air quality.”

According to Riza Mantaring, President and CEO of Sun Life Financial Philippines, the investment of the Sun Life Centre’s tenants in sustainability will make a positive impact on both the environment and their overall expenditures. “Aside from the energy and cost savings derived from the green features of our new building, we also anticipate enhanced productivity among our employees.  Plus, this sustainable building is proof of our long-standing commitment not only to the Filipino society but also to the global community in which we operate,” adds Mantaring.

With a gross leasable area of 22,500 sqm., a key feature of the building is its window system which utilizes double-glazed Low Emissivity Glass. This allows daylight into the building while blocking noise and heat from outside. Low E-glass is only 15 per cent efficient in transmitting heat in contrast to non-coated glass rating of 85 per cent. Thus, building occupants can expect to spend less on air-conditioning. Moreover, the base building makes use of highly-recyclable material distinguished by its low levels of harmful emissions.
The Sun Life Centre’s green roof will also mitigate “heat island effect”.  This technical term refers to the propensity of concrete building rooftops to become “pocket islands of heat.” Moreover, the vegetated roof will be part of a rain harvesting system earmarked for irrigation, toilet flushing and other non-potable water uses.

Overall, the completed Sun Life Centre will offer one of the most conducive work environments. Its open planning and expansive heat-rejecting glass windows will mean the availability of natural lighting for most of the day, even close to the core of the building. This will also help cut back on energy costs. Carbon dioxide sensors and the use of non-Volatile Organic Compound materials will also eliminate the Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) associated with mold and poor ventilation. SBS is marked by acute discomfort and other health complaints from a building’s occupants which appear to be linked to time spent there.
To further assist tenants in conserving energy, every floor will have a dedicated sub-meter for electric consumption and a HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) design that makes use of the air’s natural flow and reduces the occupants’ dependency on cooling or heating equipment.

Accessibility and convenience are also other benefits of the Sun Life Centre.  Within the well-planned Bonifacio Global City, Sun Life Centre occupants will have easy access to buses that are fielded every 30 minutes.  Its proximity to restaurants and other retail establishments also helps promote a healthy balance between work and leisure.

For more details about the Sun Life Centre, please call Ms. Sheila Lobien of Jones Lang LaSalle Leechiu at 902-0888 or visit