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Investment Sales and Acquisitions

Using financial and real estate acumen to achieve optimum prices and speedy transactions

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Buy, sell or hold? It’s not just the decision you make, but what you make of it.


​Whether you’re considering the sale or acquisition of a single-asset or a large portfolio, our professionals use their financial and real estate​ acumen to achieve the optimum price, a speedy transaction and certainty of closing.

Our investment sales specialists have a keen understanding of capital markets and real estate – as well as the buyers and sellers involved in transactions. They’ll quickly pinpoint an asset’s value, market it effectively and deliver optimum results. You’ll get unsurpassed access to thousands of international capital sources as we work through our global colleagues to expose your asset or portfolio to investors.

On the real estate acquisition side, we represent buyers at all stages of the process, from advice on selection and location to opportunity sourcing and due diligence. You’ll take advantage of our local market knowledge and contacts in real estate capital markets around the globe, as well as our deep experience in commercial real estate strategy, leasing and management. This means a broader value perspective on property utilization prospects – not to mention a finger on the pulse of real-time market conditions at any moment, anywhere in the world.

Our real estate investment service spans the industry from large office and retail centers to distribution facilities, hotels and student housing portfolios. Whether you’re an institutional owner, private investor, corporation or joint venture partnership, our investment sales professionals can deliver value.

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The Investor

Providing up to​ ​the minute market insight, news and features.

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Asia Pacific Property Investment Guide

Insights into local real estate operations.

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