Albert Ovidi

Chief Operating Officer, Asia Pacific

Albert helps lead the strategy, innovation and operations for a technology driven business with 38,000 employees.

Over the past 20 years Albert has held multiple leadership roles at JLL, ranging from construction to leasing and asset and property management. In his current role, Albert is driving the development for an array of business areas, including the firm’s fast-moving proptech initiatives and sustainability efforts. Before joining JLL, Albert held a variety of roles at Lend Lease. 

Since his days as an electrical engineering student at the University of Sydney, Albert has always believed in the power of technology. One of the key projects during his time as an undergraduate was to develop a computer diagnosis of cancer, which sought to replace laboratory analysis. The creative solutions they put to work then have been carried forward throughout his real estate career.

Albert is a director for 11 of JLL’s group companies, and a member of its Global Operating Board.

Albert also holds an Executive MBA from the University of New South Wales. When not keeping up with the latest trends in technology, he also takes time out for his hobbies, which include spending time with his family, playing tracks at friends’ parties, and walking in the jungle or visiting the gym.