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Sport Climbing made its Olympic debut in 2021. As one of the fastest-growing urban sports in the world, it has been a gamechanger for young, urban climbers. We helped six ambitious athletes get closer to the podium by giving them access to cutting-edge technology, coaching and world-class facilities. Discover their stories of ambition.

    Smart climbing technology

    We've developed a smart climbing suit to help our athletes go further. It captures data and features advanced sensor-fusion technology that allows coaches to view their movements from all angles. 

    Meet our amazing athletes.

    Editor’s Note: These stories were written before the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics was postponed due to the impact of Covid-19
    Mark Chan

    One of Singapore's brightest climbing talents, Mark Chan is at the crossroads. Can he balance his dream or climbing professionally with his demanding university courses?

    Siddhi Manerikar

    Siddhi Manerikar is India's top female climber. She's a role model to the younger generation, and carries the hopes of an entire nation on her shoulders. 

    Yau Ka-chun

    Ka-chun is one of Hong Kong's top climbers. As the pressure mounts, will he meet expectations and achieve his ambition?

    Angie Scarth-Johnson

    Meet Angie. She is one of Australia's youngest top climbers. Can she achieve her ambition of representing her country on the world stage?

    Emmanuel Ryan Paul

    Emmanuel is a champion speed climber in Singapore. To realize his dream, he will have to master bouldering and lead. 

    Meet climbing coach,
    Ian Dunn

    Team GB’s climbing coach Ian Dunn believes that success comes from hard work and self-belief. He believes consistency, strong mental focus and the desire to work harder than everyone else is what makes a champion.

    Road to Tokyo: the competition

    After a week of intensive training in Tokyo, the athletes got a taste of the new Olympic format as Ian ran a mock competition combining lead, bouldering and speed climbing. Who will win gold?

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