Client story

Making an entrance

Expanding a business into a country that you’ve never visited and a market that you know little about seems like a daunting process – but not for Munich-based burgergrill and Bar, HANS IM GLÜCK.

Already operating forty-six restaurants in Germany and Austria, the team were eager to break into the Asia Pacific Food and Beverage market, with Singapore as their launching pad. When the team arrived in the country, we were on hand to help them get settled.

To assist the team in their international conquest, we offered them specific real estate options, key market trends, upcoming supply stock, and market projections. Thanks to our clear and structured approach, the team were able to quickly adjust to their new environment – without going into information overload.

JLL’s assistance to our expansion team has been essential to the success we are seeing whilst entering the APAC market

Together, we developed and put together an acquisition strategy, which resulted in the launch of three HANS IM GLÜCK restaurants across Singapore. We negotiated leases at all three locations, which were signed in under six months from our first introduction to the team.

It’s onwards and upwards for both teams as we work together to break into further markets in Asia Pacific. Watch this space.


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