Guiding Property Investors Towards Success in 2019

This article provides key insights on what the drivers for success are for property investors in 2019. Know more about how to achieve your investment goals with JLL.

January 11, 2019

JLL is globally recognized as one of the world's best professional services and investment management firms specializing in real estate. Our research on the Asia Pacific real estate industry in general and the Philippine property market in particular has led us to conclude that 2019 will be a promising year for the Philippine property market.

JLL's research has shown that the demand for office spaces and the need for industrial and logistics properties in the Philippines is increasing. Offshoring and outsourcing (O&O) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies are likely to take up significant office space by 2019 as they expand their operations in the Philippines. The Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) recorded an 8.82% year on year growth on BPO investment pledges from January to September 2018 amounting to Php 12.39 billion. These pledges will most likely result in more office spaces to be taken up by BPO firms in the near term. There is also increasing investor interest from both foreign and local flexible workspace operators to enter and expand in the Philippine market.

Meanwhile, the industrial and logistics sector of the Philippine property market is foreseen to benefit from the expansion of Clark International Airport, the Subic Railway Project and other Build Build Build (BBB) projects within the Clark area.

Christophe Vicic, Country Head of JLL Philippines, says that regardless of potential changes in government policies and laws, along with the outcome of the 2019 elections playing crucial roles in the investment decisions of foreign companies, economic growth and progress for the Philippines in 2019 is anticipated. Consequently, he forecasts the Philippine property sector to remain resilient and even prosper. "Our forecast indicates that the Philippine economy will experience continued progress and development for domestic and foreign players".

JLL believes that the time is ripe to invest in Philippine real estate. In doing so, JLL says engaging a professional property consultant should be considered so investors will know how to maximize the potential of their properties. Philip Mareschal, Head of Property and Asset Management of JLL Philippines explains: "Now, more than ever, real estate investments require the needed expertise to unlock their full potential. We leverage our global best practices platform to provide unsurpassed support to your business. Our experienced property management team delivers integrated, consistent, value-added, and exceptional strategic and tactical services to meet your needs. As property and asset management professionals, we have the necessary know-how to lead the way in developing management processes, service offerings, and technological innovations".

Paul Ryan Isip, National Director and Head of Capital Markets for JLL Philippines says that when it comes to identifying what type of property investment an investor should make, it is important that they understand key points in real estate investing in general, which includes (1) obtaining information in their target area and (2) planning their investment strategy (including, but not limited to Cash Flow and Access to Capital). Only then would a client be advised to proceed with an acquisition, alongside how to best manage their investments according to their plan. This is where the value of having JLL comes in.

Following this, Paul Ryan Isip says: "At JLL, information is key. We take a systematic approach to investing in real estate. This is something clients could expect from us – that we will give relevant insight on what we think the optimum real estate investment should be for your preferred type of property based on facts and figures - the complete picture."

JLL's various services – and the way they are expertly delivered, are anchored on years of research and study, coupled with the observance of the highest ethical standards. This brand of professionalism and integrity JLL has long been admired for speaks of the kind of leadership that has made it the global leader in property management.



A highly-experienced global executive with over 30 years of multi-industry corporate experience, Mr. Christophe Vicic is the Country Head of JLL Philippines, Inc. He has held senior leadership roles in various multinational companies in a range of sectors including logistics, supply chain, telecommunications and risk consulting where he spearheaded projects related to the establishment of new offices, mergers and acquisitions.

A true JLL leader, Mr. Vicic was the Chief Operating Officer of JLL Russia and former CIS countries and has been forging ventures for JLL since 2009, bringing a wealth of experience to JLL's Philippine operations.

Originally from France, he has worked extensively in multinationals across Western and Eastern Europe, Pakistan, Middle East and Africa. With his multi-cultural management experience, he is particularly accomplished in growth and development strategies and efficiencies improvement.


Mr. Paul Ryan Isip brings to JLL 18 years' experience in commercial real estate in multiple international settings: China, Hong Kong & the Philippines. He has had over 8 years of experience facilitating and concluding over 1,000,000 square meters of transactions in Beijing, making him one of the most credible real estate professionals in the region. 

As JLL's National Director and Head of Capital Markets in the Philippines, Ryan has worked on multiple projects from 200 to 200,000 square meters of space, creating real value for his clients & investors in 2018 alone.

Ryan also brings regional investment opportunities to Philippine-based companies and individuals, as his corporate real estate expertise lies in rent reviews and lease renewals, relocations, build-to-suit premises, consolidations and lease negotiations. Some of his more notable assignments include: Volkswagen Headquarters and where he handled multiple transactions, relocation, consolidation and expansion covering an expanse of thousands of square meters worth of prime real estate.


Mr. Philip Mareschal currently leads The Property and Asset Management Division of JLL Philippines.

A real estate professional for over 28 years, he bears exceptional skills in establishing structure, building employee value, driving vision, and achieving critical strategic goals. He has built businesses and lead operations in both start-up and established entities in various professional landscapes in France, United States, and the Philippines

He served as Chief Operating Officer of List Sotheby's International Realty, where he drove performance and efficiency throughout the company's operations including corporate policy development and expansion activities which required investments and acquisitions. Before this, he was the Chief Executive Officer and Owner of Philippine Sotheby's International Realty, where he spearheaded the introduction and launch of the Sotheby's International Realty brand in the Philippines.

Mr. Mareschal also has an excellent output in sales and marketing of real estate and has extensive experience on how to run multiple functions including billings and cash management, process development, team building and performance improvement, budgeting and contract negotiations.