JLL: Creating and ensuring value with your real estate investment

Official press release, published in The Standard Online.

April 17, 2017

Too often, investors in the real estate field find themselves grasping for straws on what to do with the capital they have.​

Some of them, even, find themselves throwing caution to the wind without getting the proper direction from experts on the best options available for them. Too often we see investors going at it along risking a multi-billion project to save on a few hundred thousand.

This is the kind of expert advice found at JLL, the leading real estate service provider in the Philippines. With more than 200 years of global experience, JLL pulls out the best possible capital solution for every financial strategy-- with the aim of maximizing both value and returns for the investors and developers.

P. Ryan Isip, JLL's National Director for Business Development and newly appointed Head of Capital Markets in the Philippines, explains: "What we do is create value. We go to individual property owners and counsel them on how to put their investment to more profitable  use. We do not involve ourselves in transactions where we cannot increase value and wealth to those who want to trade, own or purchase a property".

With over 1,300 Capital Markets professionals in their global workforce, JLL brings the world to Philippine investors.

The JLL team actively applies their knowledge in the areas of investment sales, acquisitions, debt origination, equity financing, fixed income and mergers and acquisitions so they can close the best possible deal for their clients.

The team's deep know-how in handling global capital allows them to link the right people and institutions- even facilitating opportunities for ordinary folks looking for a new investment.

Ryan states: "Some deal in stocks, markets and bonds. For us here at JLL, it's all real estate.At JLL, we are trained that money is not the issue but a tool that allows us to create asset value for everybody. For example, even if people have limited funds but have a steady source of income, they can still invest.

What we do for the individual is determine how much funds may be financed from a bank, match the individual's needs with the right space and location, help lease out the property and create additional cash flow for the investor. In the end, our ultimate goal is the success of each and every one of our clients."

Ryan, however, clarifies that the goal for JLL's Capital Markets' team goes beyond merely bringing up their transactions. Ultimately, their aim is to foster, not just the domestic investment but, more so, international capital flows into the Philippine real estate market.

This way, The Philippines may finally find its well-deserved spot in the global arena where real estate values are able to compete with fast moving economies in Asia like China and Singapore.


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