Make fast, informed decisions that improve portfolio performance.  

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Explore the technology solutions that help our clients transform their space and their business.
Managed services

Bring in a team of specialists who can execute your technology strategy and take responsibility for program implementation and management.

Data services

Get expert support from CAD and BIM specialists in end to end data administration, virtual design and construction, and field measurement.

Property marketing tools

Introduce potential tenants to real estate opportunities with augmented reality, cinematic video, drone footage, and customized 360 degree experiences.

to power your technology solutions

The Investor app

This is the must-have app for serious real estate investors. Keep a pulse  on the biggest issues affecting real estate trends around and world, and receive personalized notifications on new investment opportunities.


JLL’s Portfolio Analytics Tool provides core business intelligence on your real estate portfolio, bringing together lease, occupancy, cost and market data to enable you to make the right strategic choices about your estate.


JLL’s RED data & analytics platform uncovers critical truths and new opportunities amidst a sea of data. RED assimilates your real estate data, then integrates it with business and market data through a single open platform that can plug directly into existing business applications.


Instantly access financial reports and real-time analysis of key metrics like value and cap rate to make informed decisions about your investment portfolio. Drive operational efficiencies, maximize revenue, and improve portfolio performance.

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Analyze portfolio data to generate insights and make predictions.